Churches Together in Luton, a local outworking of a national movement Churches Together in England, simply looks to represent churches together in Luton. It expresses a desire to acknowledge and celebrate a community of people finding meaning in Christ. It represents a place to listen and learn and a basis for service, advocacy and action. Its strength is founded on a call to humility in acknowledging difference and love in word and deed out of what we hold in common.

Michael Singleton


Database/Directory entries

Following GDPR, I have now removed all personal details from churches and organisations who have not yet given us permission to hold them. If your entry on our website is missing information you would like included, please let me know and I will add it for you.




LTCC/HOTS looking for more volunteers

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Luton Town Centre Chaplaincy (LTCC)  desperately need more Chaplains in the town centre and wider area, and Healing on the Streets (HOTS)  team members for Saturday afternoons. We are looking for caring, pastoral... READ MORE

Luton Community Money Advice

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Luton Community Money Advice is run by the churches and gives free confidential debt advice to the community of Luton. If anyone in your congregation or wider community needs support please encourage them to... READ MORE