Refugee help

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I have received a request for help from Lucy Kearsey, who worked with refugees with the Red Cross Luton. We have supported them in the past so I have agreed to post the following for her. If you are willing and able to help, please click her link and do so. Thanks.
I’ve moved to Athens to work with some charities helping refugees over here .
I’m working on some creative projects to get displaced people in Athens making and doing, as a way of bringing positivity to a very desperate situation. I’m teaching guitar and singing, as well starting a knitting/sewing workshop – but I need help to gather resources! Every little helps and all goes towards materials and equipment, wool, guitar strings, everything! – I’m starting from the ground up so your help would be awesome!

it’s for a new project I’m doing out here with the Orange House; Zaatar –

I’ve got a page to raise some money for wool, needles and materials – and hopefully some instruments for music classes;

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