World Compassion looking for champions to help Christians and churches in hostile nations.

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World Compassion would like to make churches in Luton aware of a an opportunity for people to help Christians and churches in hostile nations.

World Compassion are a long established Christian charity that helps Churches and Christians who face risk because of their faith in Jesus – taking the gospel across unsafe borders. They operate in Iraq, Iran, China, Myanmar and Cuba. I am seeking Christians to become Champions who will pray, inform others and find ways to support Christians in hostile nations. It is free to be a Champion and we will supply Champions with resources including prayer points, stories, images, videos and ideas that can be used in churches and small groups. This may be a great help to churches looking for ways to inspire their church in mission.

Become a Champion!
Inform : Pray: Action
Imagine feeling like you live on an island – cut off from other Christians around the world. Your friends persecuted, tortured, and killed for their faith in Jesus. Imagine your pastor threatened, your church raided by police and Bibles made illegal.
If you could do something to help Christians facing these risks, would you act now?
World Compassion is looking for Champions to stand with Christians in hostile nations. You can provide a Christian in Iran with a Bible, train a pastor in China, help Christians in Iraq, disciple a Christian in Myanmar or build a church in Cuba.
As a Champion, you can:
• Mobilise your church to Pray
• Organise events to raise awareness and funds
• Give directly either as an individual or a church
• Share regular news with your church about how they have helped Christians in hostile nations
We will help you do this by providing you with a toolbox of resources, including:
• Videos, stories and information about life for Christians in Iraq, Iran, China, Myanmar and Cuba
• Ideas about events that you can organise to bring your friends or church together to raise awareness and funds towards the work of World Compassion
• Regular prayer needs for Christians in hostile nations
• News updates about the work of World Compassion
• Regular news from the UK
Whether you want to Champion a project or nation that God has placed on your heart or whether you want to help more generally – you will make a real positive difference to a Christian facing risks because of their faith in Jesus.
To become a Champion please complete the form below. We are so grateful for your step of faith in standing with us as we Champion the cause of Christians across unsafe borders.

The UK church partnership website address is:

There is an application form in the attached file. PLEASE SEND COMPLETED FORMS TO


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