Anti-Racism Questionnaire and minutes – please respond

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Following our meeting between black and white church leaders, we have put together a questionnaire to help understand better the make up and worship of the Luton Churches.

We would be very grateful if you could help us by completing the attached questionnaire ready for discussion at our follow-up ZOOM meeting on 1st December at 7pm. If you are not already on the list, please let us know if you would like to join this meeting and we will forward the details nearer the time.

I have attached this and the minutes of our last meeting so you can see the discussion we had and the actions we have put in place so far to aid truth and reconciliation between churches from different and multi-ethnicity. I have also included the questionnaire below for those who may have trouble downloading attachments.


Diversity Survey

27thOctober 2020

During the Churches Together in Luton Truth and Reconciliation meeting of church leaders on 20th October 2020, those present agreed to identify the scale of the problemrelating to diversity in the churches in Luton.

To help us, please complete and return the survey below by Monday 23rd November 2020 to Sue Penn

Church Name___________________________________

  1. What is the ethnic profile of your congregation and how is that broken down? Black African, Black Caribbean, Black British, Asian (with breakdowns if required) Eastern European and so on.
  2. Does this match the community living around your meeting place?If not why not? (It may be that you have targeted a particular language or cultural group, so this is not something to beat yourself up over. Or it could be that another church locally has targeted a particular language or cultural group, so that group is missing from your congregation, again nothing to beat yourself up over)
  3. If you are intentionally or unintentionally a single culture congregation (more that 80% from one group) how do you build relationships with other churches with differing profiles?
  4. If you are a multi-cultural congregation, how does the clergy, leadership teams (deacons, elders, PCC etc) reflect the congregation? Are there groups missing from leadership positions?
  5. How does the culture of worship, music used, expectations of dress code and style of preaching reflect the cultures present?
  6. Are you a multi-cultural congregation but everyone has had to accept the traditional culture of the church?
  7. Are you multi-cultural, as different groups have joined have they flavoured the worship of the congregation?
  8. Particularly ask all members but note the difference between ethnic and cultural groups in your church, if they feel at home in your congregation or guests in someone else’s house?(Due to current restrictions, you may wish to ask a sample group)
  9. What has this survey highlighted and how will these issues be addressed?

Survey completed by_______________________________


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