Azalea need our help

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unprecedented times.

She was hungry, her neighbour was hungry and self isolating, and she wanted to help. She walked around Luton, and finally arrived at Azalea. The five other agencies and charities she had visited either couldn’t help, or weren’t open.

Azalea is currently the only support in Luton for vulnerable women. In addition to our usual Drop-in service we are offering a daily food bank. Many of the women who come are not connected into the benefits system or other food banks, they are homeless or in poor accommodation and have no support systems around them. As we give out food bags, we offer support and love.

You have been so generous in your donations of food, but we need more. If you are able to give food, please go to for a full shopping list and details of how to donate it.

In the midst of this, however, we are seeing women who have been out of contact with us for a long time, and the opportunity for reconnection is a blessing amongst the difficulties. There is no doubt that Azalea for some is the place they go to when there is nowhere else.

As the COVID 19 crisis continues, the number of incidents of increased violence and sexual assault against these vulnerable women escalates. Our frontline teams have been dealing with a number of women who have suffered in this way, and we remain a sanctuary of safety, peace and emergency first aid for them. After being subject to a brutal attack Chloe told us “I knew I could come here, even though it’s out of hours”, another woman told us “I feel love here, I hate it out there, it’s so violent”.

The financial support you give, enables us to meet the needs of women like Chloe and continue in our work as the only support for vulnerable women in Luton. If you would like to make a donation today please go to

Thank you for your support and your prayers. Our prayer for you is that you are safe and well and that you would, as we do, know blessings in the difficulties.

Blessings from,

All at Azalea.


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