Azalea Summer Stock-up Appeal

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Azalea Summer stock-up Appeal

Azalea’s Drop-in is as busy as ever, with many new women accessing Azalea’s support. Providing food is a key way that Azalea connects with some of the most hard-to-reach, vulnerable women.

It allows us to build relationships and begin a journey towards improved self-esteem, better access to services, and to recovery. Scroll down for a case study.

But usually during July and August, our food bank runs low, while people are away on summer holidays.

Can you help us to stock up?

Food bank collage

“I was hungry and you gave me something to eat” – Matthew 25:35

If you can donate cupboard food to Azalea…

Please drop off any donations at our office at 3A Upper George Street between 9am and 4pm every weekday – do call 01582 733 200 to arrange beforehand.

These are the items that are most in demand (with a long use-by date please):

  • Pot noodles and flavoured noodles
  • Packets of flavoured pasta
  • Microwaveable rice / flavoured cous cous
  • Jars of sauce e.g. pasta sauce, curry sauce
  • Tins (with ring pulls) of soup, beans and spaghetti
  • Tins of cold meat or tuna
  • Tins of meatballs, sausages, etc.
  • Coffee
  • Sugar
  • Cereals
  • Long-life milk cartons
  • Drinking chocolate
  • Bottles of squash
  • Chocolate covered biscuit bars
  • Biscuits (savoury and sweet)

We also have a freezer full of frozen meals, as the women rarely eat home cooked, nutritious food. If you can cook meals on a regular basis, please contact us at

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