Can you support The Feast?

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The Feast is looking to grow the number of regular donors in order to be able to build up our “unrestricted funds”, which are vital in order for The Feast to be freer to run with the vision God has given them.
If you want to find out more about The Feast vision and our strategy for the next five years, do contact Ulrike.
If you are an Amazon shopper, then please consider using this link each time you log on:
You will still be able to access your account and use Prime, but each time you shop, using this link, Amazon will donate to The Feast. You will be given the option to put a bookmark on your tab bar, so it will always be easy to log in.
Please forward this to your own networks – the more people we reach, the more money we will raise!
If you would like to give a one-off gift or become a regular donor, you can do so online at
Supporting the Feast via Donation | The Feast

Supporting the Feast via Donation: Our work with young people helps them live out and share their different faiths, cultures and beliefs in a healthy and positive way.


Or contact Ulrike at for a donation form.


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