Chaplaincy – come and learn about chaplaincy within a placement.

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As Luton Community Chaplaincy we are looking to expand our sphere and range in terms of recruitment, ready for when we are beyond this particular moment in time!  So we are asking churches in Luton to consider adding Chaplaincy into their training programmes. For example, Curates in the Anglican church or Deacons in the Methodist church, or Year Training Teams etc etc, are invited to spend a regular part of their week as a Chaplain gaining a useful and relevant learning experience that would help us as Luton Community Chaplaincy, most certainly the placements we serve, and also promote Chaplaincy as each person moves onto their next role, taking the relevance of Chaplaincy in today’s world with them. We successfully ran this process with a Curate last year and it was very valuable for all concerned.

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