Eco-church scheme run by the Christian charity A Rocha

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Have you ever considered the Eco-church scheme run by the Christian charity A Rocha.?

You may be aware of the scheme.  In brief, Eco-church is an award scheme which challenges and encourages churches to take action in response to the biblical mandate to care for God’s creation.     It was launched at St Paul’s cathedral in 2016, and is supported by the national Anglican and Methodist churches, among others.    It includes an on-line survey which is easy to use; churches can work towards bronze, silver and gold categories of award.

More information on the award is available via the following link.    It gives details of the scheme, and it is also possible to see which churches have registered for the scheme, or already won awards.

5 churches in the South Bedfordshire Methodist circuit have achieved Eco-church awards and several others are registered as working towards an award.     As far as we know, no other churches in Luton have received an award, and only one is registered (City Life Church).

It would be excellent if Luton could show that its churches could be among the leaders in this area.

A Rocha can provide speakers for events which would be an opportunity to explain more about the scheme.  (A Rocha have spoken at a couple of Methodist events in the S Beds Circuit.)

I have a local contact if you would like to know more.

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