Friends of Luton Parish Church

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This week I have received an email about the Friends of Luton Parish Church.  I have included some information below but there is much more on their website,  If you would be interested in supporting the Friends, annual membership is from £12 for individuals or £20 for couples and would help keep this magnificent building in good condition for the next generation(s).

In the 1960s the charity known as Friends of Luton Parish Church was set up because the business community in the town felt that they would like to share in the upkeep of a building that the whole town valued. With the costs of maintenance of such an old building rising fast, even a modest sized congregation in the “Parish Church” could be overwhelmed if something major needed doing. The business community was concerned that this could result in the progressive deterioration, and possible loss, to the iconic building. It was most reassuring to the church and membership grew widely throughout the town, promoted vigorously by Lord Hill of Luton. The church itself would then be free to cover the costs or providing a ministry base.

The charity is now over 50 years old and much has changed in the town and church. Most of the original members have passed away and the thoughts of the town and its businesses do not immediately turn to helping to keep the only Grade 1 listed building in good condition for the future.

Would you like to support the work of the Friends by paying an annual subscription of as little as £12.00 for individual members or £20.00 for couples and families.

You may wish to join with many existing subscribers and pledge to give a higher sum.

If the achievements we have made in the past are to be maintained, then help is needed in encouraging others to give support.

Benefits of being a Friend of Luton Parish Church may include:

  • Once a year newsletter
  • A glass or two of wine at the Annual summer concert
  • Invitation to attend the Annual service in October
  • Guided tours for family and friends around the historic church
  • Other social events

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