Interdenominational Commission on Racial Justice

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Following three well attended meetings where church leaders spoke openly of their experiences of racism, their hopes for the future and their regrets for the past, Vincent and I have spent the last 2 months  talking with as many people as we can to get a consensus about how we build on this start.

The majority of those we have spoken to believe that the best way forward is to create a smaller representative group that will be able bring a lead to the church in Luton on racial justice. This would involve the smaller group in

  • Building deep, meaningful, honest relationships between ourselves, something that was repeatedly mentioned as key to racial reconciliation.
  • Identify how we can look at history, even the painful parts, so that we can build together a new future.
  • Identify the spiritual forces at play, and how we can deal with them through forgiveness and defeating strongholds that have existed for generations.
  • Bottom line, as a smaller group seeking to learn from each other, then sharing that learning with the larger group and eventually our congregations and the society at large.

The group will be as diverse as possible including men and women, leaders from various racial and denominational and non-denominational backgrounds.

Once the group has met and has something to report it will call together the wider group to bring our thoughts.

In the meantime do feel free to contact us as we seek to serve the purposes of God together in racial reconciliation and justice.



Tony Thompson with Vincent Cox


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