Invitation to a special Zoom meeting to address racism and what we can do together.

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Over the last number of months, the live issue of racism in our society has been brought into the open which I am sure we are all grateful for. We have been discussing the issue of racism at recent CTL executive meetings which now has a greater ethnic representation. The discussions highlighted the challenges that we all must face if we are looking to embody the truth that we are one new man in Christ. We do not start with a blank piece of paper; we are building on a foundation of previous hurts and injustices felt and inflicted.

The executive feel that we need to seek to positively deal with issues from the past and then seek to build together for the future. We want to go beyond making statements, we want to do things that look to deal with the pain of the past and we want to build something in the future.

We would therefore like to invite pastors from all communities to a meeting to strengthen relationships and understanding among church leaders and churches of different ethnic backgrounds in the light of the racism exposed by the death of George Floyd. The meeting is hosted by Churches Together in Luton and will be facilitated by Pastor Vincent Cox and supported by Pastor Tony Thompson.

There will be opportunities for pastors to express and to listen to the hurts felt by brothers and sisters, with an opportunity for reflection and response. We hope this will contribute towards us more effectively demonstrating our unity as we are now one in Christ.

We will be looking for a small number of short, respectful contributions of no more than 5 minutes each. Not everyone will be able to contribute, but we are looking for a representative from our different communities to bring their perspective. If you would like to speak please do get in contact, but we obviously cannot guarantee you will be able to.

The meeting will be on Tuesday evening 20 October starting at 7pm and finishing by 8.30pm. Access is via zoom code.

We believe this spiritual act is an essential prerequisite for us being able to move forward in a new and exciting mood of true partnerships of equals.

At the end of the meeting we will decide on our next step together. This could include taking part in a diversity survey which seeks to help us understand how diverse the Christian community is within the town, and how we can work together to increase diversity within our church families.

We do hope you will be able to join us on the journey and particularly attend this especially important meeting.

Please do contact either of us if you have comments, questions, or thoughts prior to the meeting.

On behalf of Churches Together in Luton,

Vincent Cox (New Testament Church of God) and Tony Thompson (Hope Church)


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