Launch of New Service from NOAH – Academy Recruitment Program

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I am excited to share with you that the new NOAH Academy Recruitment Programme has now launched officially.

This innovative service has come about from lots of effort between Warren, Mateus Glebowski and Paul Longshaw.

The purpose of the service is to link keen and enthusiastic people looking for work who have had a disadvantaged past which may include experience of homelessness and link them with job openings available at socially minded employers

The website link

There is a briliant new brochure which can be found here


Do offer your encouragement to the academy team with this as they are taking a leap of faith pursuing our vision of a hope and a better future for people.

It would also be great if you can share some of our posts on your facebook pages if you use social media.

Many thanks

Paul Prosser

Head of Welfare Services

t: 01582 728416

m: 07766835049


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