Level Trust Summer School – few supplies needed

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Once again, Level Trust is running our free SMASH summer school for disadvantaged 8-12 year olds from Luton. SMASH will run for all six weeks of the summer holidays and will provide up to 450 children affected by poverty with the kinds of fun and enriching experiences they normally miss out on. This year’s amazing programmes are Performing Arts, Multi Sports and Outdoor Adventures.

There are still a few things we need for SMASH, so I’m writing to see if any people or organisations would like to help by donating them to us.

  • Kites (any number)
  • 400 drinks bottles
  • 400 drawstring bags
  • 15-20 bottles of high factor spray-on sun lotion (we’ll be outside a lot!)
  • 15-20 Picnic blankets
  • 20 sleeping bags / pillows (we’ll be camping for two nights and some children might not be able to bring bedding)

Any contributions will be very much appreciated – you certainly don’t have to provide the whole quantity.

Thank you so much.

Christian Iszchak
Interim Director and Collaborative Projects Manager
Office: 07480 753 905
Mobile: 07846 149 532

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