Covid Memorial at Wigmore Church

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The Wigmore Church recently erected a memorial to all those in Luton who have sadly died of Covid-19.

Primarily the work of two people, the idea was initiated at the end of May when Jenny heard the Rev Jackie Bellfield talk about their project at Trinity Methodist Church in Ellesmere Port tying strands of wool on a fence as a reminder that the numbers we hear aren’t just statistics but people, people with families, people who are loved.

Jenny wondered if a similar idea could work at Wigmore as there is a long length of fence behind the church edging the playing fields, but members felt that wasn’t easily visible to passers-by and something on the front of the church was preferable.

Gail had been crocheting a flower a day during lockdown and felt this could put her flowers to use, Jenny is a knitter and once the pattern became familiar also found the repetition therapeutic. Between them they had the right number for the memorial to be erected at the end of November when the church was also undertaking socially distanced collecting of Christmas presents for the families supported by Luton Women’s Aid.

While hoping they will not need too many more, Gail and Jenny will continue to add flowers  – so if you have lost someone due to this disease, you will know a flower was created for your loved one, and can see it by walking or driving past the church at the Wigmore end of Crawley Green Road



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