Luton Christian Bookshop re-opened with 20% most items

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The bookshop re-opened on Wed 24th June 2020 and we are offering a GRAND REOPENING SALE, to welcome you back. Many of our stock items will be offered at UP TO 20% discount.
However, there will be CHANGES to the environment, the way we work and the way you shop in order to keep everyone safe.
We will only open for 4 days per week, from Monday to Saturday. On weekdays we will be open  from 9.30am until 5.30pm, as usual, but on Saturdays we will be open at the new time of 9.30am until 2.30pm.
As the virus is not contained, and the R rate is only fractionally below 1, we would ask that if you have any of the symptoms, a cough, high temperature, loss of taste and smell, feel generally unwell or have been with someone who has, or has had the virus recently, that you do not visit the shop until the appropriate quarantine period has passed. This is for your safety and the safety of our other customers and volunteer staff. As it is the hayfever season, if you do need to cough or sneeze, please use the appropriate measures to avoid spreading germs. Your use of a mask will help in the protection of fellow customers.
Please read the notice, for all customers, on the way in.
You will find that the shop environment has been adapted for this time with a screen, sanitiser is available and the shop has been marked for safety of our customers and volunteers. Only 8 people are allowed in the shop at one time, therefore, if you are not personally buying, it would be helpful if spouses and children would wait outside, weather permitting, self distancing but if the weather is inclement, then the foyer and corridor may be used, adhering to the 2 metre rule.
Only 1 person will be permitted at the till for purchasing, by card preferably, and others may queue, observing safe distancing rules.
Unfortunately, again for safety reasons, we will not be able to serve tea at this time.
We are delighted to be able to open the shop again, for your convenience and pleasure and apologise if, hopefully, for a short period, we are not able to return to the pre Covid 19 expectations. However, we have missed you all and look forward, with eagerness, to being able to serve you once again in the ‘new normal’ season. God bless every one of you and we look forward to seeing you soon.

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