Luton Community Chaplaincy Update

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Luton Community Chaplaincy (was Luton Town Centre Chaplaincy) was first established in 2009 by the Rev Nick Bell from St Mary’s, Luton. With a small team of Trustees and staff around him and the support of many churches in Luton, Chaplaincy became not just the opportunity for a few to hear our message of hope, but the experience of many throughout the town.

We now have twenty-two Chaplains in six placements within the Community of Luton, serving at Vauxhall in the plant and offices, at Noah, in all four Council buildings in the town centre, in two of the Courts, at Asda in Wigmore and on the streets and in the Mall. Over the years we have built up trust by listening and being authentic, being non judgemental and sharing our faith sensitively with people we meet, seeking to draw alongside them.

To quote Dr Nathan Mladin from Theos, ‘We are rapidly approaching a position where people are more likely to encounter religion via a Chaplain than any other way.’ We have the opportunity and open doors around Luton to bring the love of God into the workplace etc, but we need more Chaplains. If you feel you could give some time each week and are interested in becoming a Chaplain, please contact Jessica Rowlands at or on 07557 686218.

We also have a team who pray for healing for people each Saturday afternoon on Market Hill in Luton (Healing on the Streets – HOTS.) They regularly see healings and salvation. Please use the above contact information to find out more and get involved.

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