Luton Drug/alcohol services need venues

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Up until recently all of the Luton drug/alcohol provision were delivered from 5 different organisations based within the town centre. We are now under one organisation and although housed in one building within the town centre we are committed to delivering services to clients no more than 2 miles from where they live. Due to this commitment we are looking for venues such as community centres/church halls/GP surgeries across the town.


The type of spaces we are looking for are 1 to 1 spaces and small rooms that can seat 10 to 15 people. Our normal hours of work are 9 – 5. However we currently operate till 8pm on 3 nights during the week with an aspiration to increase this provision to include weekends.


We would like those operating venues to send us a list of space, availability and price currently on offer.




Anthony Isles

Mobile: 07768034996

Land line 01582 965123

Address 89 Castle street Luton Lu1 3AJ Recovery Hub

2-12 Victoria street Luton LU1 2UA Main treatment Hub