Problems with recycling? Council want to charge. Does this affect you too?

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Dear Friends,

I dont know how you feel about recycling? You may be aware that Luton Council are wanting us to recycle more and more which is great. At the Salvation Army here in Luton we recycle between 20 and 30 bags every two weeks and we feel we are doing our bit. BUT the council have now told us that they are no longer going to pick up our recycling and that they are going to charge us approx £1.80 per bag for pick up. On 20 bags that is £36.00 every two weeks which is roughly £900 per year. Sadly we cant afford this. We have spoken to the council and even quoted their policy but because we are a church and a Charity we now have to pay.

The reason for messaging you is to see if any other church or charity has been hit with this charge or do you still get  your recycling picked up for free. I would be really grateful if you have chance to let me know.

As a Church we really want to fight this but not sure how. At present we can either do lots of journeys to the tip or put all recycling in the normal bin which the council will empty for free and thus we are not recycling at all (which does not sit good with us).

Kind regards

Ralph Walker


Major Ralph Walker

Commanding Officer of Luton Salvation Army


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