Practical Resources for formal and self-settled refugees.

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Places to spend time with others.

  • Open House at Hope Church Centre, Villa Road LU2 7NT 01582 968821 Monday and Wednesday 10.30 to 3. Includes light lunch, ESOL, arts and craft activities, debt advice, contact point
  • NOAH 141 Park Street , LI1 3HG 01582 728416 info@noahenterprise,org open from 8-15 / 3.45 pm   daily  , hot meals , showers , access to medical provision arranged. 7/8.00 Soup kitchen   daily soup and sandwiches (need to register for soup kitchen) Breakfast is provided in the Day Centre .
  • Wednesday lunch (as part ofworship service ) at St. Marys
  • Possible “talktime” group at St. Marys to help with very basic English, pre- ESOL.

Meeting other needs.

  • We are able to offer vouchers to enable people to receive free clothing from Home Leone Charity shop (available at Hope Church Centre, Villa Road.) N.B. those who want to donate clothing can drop it off at Home Leone Charity Shop, Chapel Street.
  • We have a number of members who can help with Arabic translation.
  • We can run some Cultural training courses.
  • Emergency Winter Shelter . Salvation Army Hall , Vicarage Street but run by NOAH. only available when temperature is zero or below , check with NOAH first before sending anyone

Initial welcome

  • Hospitality with Luton people who understand both our culture and Arabic.

Provision of Food.

  • We will ask churches to provide food and would recommend using existing Foodbank as a distribution point. To be discussed with Foodbank board.



  • See letter for initial thoughts


Helping the Wider Overseas Refugee Situation.

Churches in Luton (particularly Stopsley Baptist Church) have close links with points of aid for refugees in Lesbos, Greece; Northern Iraq; and Beirut, Lebanon. We are working with them to provide financial and other resources to help in these situations. We are also considering sending teams to help in Lesbos in association with partners there.


The Climate of Opinion

We are doing what we can to encourage an atmosphere of welcome for refugees. This includes a public meeting primarily for churches in January to raise awareness. Hope Church also have an evening of Syrian music and culture by Syrian refugees to support Syrian refugees. (4 December – flyer attached) Additionally the major denominations have made statements in support of maximum aid to those seeking refuge. At a local level several sermons have been preached locally.


1st Draft     20 November 2015     Peter Adams (St Marys) and Tony Thompson (Hope Church)

Local Information – Places to get help and information


Red Cross Monday drop in with counselling / one to one support, advice including legal advice. Contact Jessica Curry.


Luton Advice Network


Luton Citizens Advice Bureau , Rights Advice centre and The Law Centre all come under the umbrella of LAN .



24-26 King Street , Luton . LUI 2DP

01582 512555

Mondays –Fridays 9 am to 4 pm except Thursday pm , appointments only debt , welfare benefits , employment ( law , unfair dismissal etc ) Housing , Relationship breakdown , Immigration advice available to all .


outreach at Marsh Farm –Futures House  Monday 10.00 /12.00

TOCCO , Gordon Street           Thursday 13.00/14.00

Lewsey Farm Community centre Friday 10.00/12.00

These sessions are run in parallel with Food bank Distribution Sessions and clients are encouraged to use services by Food bank volunteers


CAB now provides a triage service for other advice services , please encourage people to go to CAB first .

Referral point for Food Bank Voucher



access through CAB ,

1st floor , Volunteer Resource Centre

15 New Bedford Road ,

01582 453372

Referral point for Food bank Voucher




6th Floor ,Cresta House

Alma Street , Luton

01582 481000

Mondays to Fridays  9.30/5.30 pm

dedicated daily phone advice line 10.30/12.30 for specific issues , see website

Referral point for Food bank Voucher


As from the New Year all the LAN agencies will be in the same building which will make things a lot easier.


SOS (Start Over Shelter Signpost )

Emergency accommodation , 12 bed hostel

189 DallowRoad ,

01582 432083

Just turn up




14-16 Chapel Street

01582 556400

no need to be registered with GP