Recordings of Open The Book Sessions available for other churches

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Michele has on behalf of the Church had the privilege of going into our local primary school weekly to lead Open the Book assemblies for almost 20 years. – Bible storytelling.
During the past few months she has not been able to go into school but have been recently recording assemblies with other Open the Book team members in Luton.
We want to offer these assemblies to all the schools in Luton and would like prayer for this, and to raise the awareness of this Open the Book resource.


Open the Book (OtB) is Bible storytelling in Primary Schools using drama, props and costumes to bring the stories to life.

Stories are told by people in the local community who volunteer from local churches to be part of OtB.Now available as digital
recordings for collective worship in classrooms this autumn.
This programme is about storytelling, not preaching or evangelising, so children of all faiths – and those with none –
can watch and interact with the stories in their own way. The stories also feature important values like love,friendship, justice, and trust.
OtB is a valuable resource forming part of a schools collective worship programme. Teachers can link the Bible stories through to Religious Education lessons.
• OtB contributes to children’s religious, spiritual, moral, social and cultural education.

• OtB stories fulfil the legal requirement to be educational, inclusive and spiritual in a multifaith setting.
• OtB is being used successfullyin schools with wide ethnic and religious backgrounds.
Whatever their background, children and teachers find it educational and fun.
• OtB has been favourably received by OFSTED, ESTYN and SIAMS and helps primary schoolsin meeting their statutory
collective worship obligations under the 1998 Schools Standards & Framework Act.


To find out more information about the digital files available for your school  then please email

For more information about Open the Book



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