Salvation Army Toy Appeal

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Dear Friend

I am writing to you as the minister of The Salvation Army in Luton. Christmas is a special celebration and a time when we can remember those less fortunate. Every year at Christmas, we give out hundreds and hundreds of Christmas gifts to those children in the community who may otherwise receive nothing. This is only possible due to the generosity of local companies and local people. Last year we provided gifts for 900 children. These families are referred to us directly via Social services, family workers and Children’s centres. Without the kindness of people such as you we would be unable to help less fortunate families.

We are desperate for new toys to help us support these children and families and we are hoping that we can reach out to you to see if it is possible if you or anybody in your place of worship would be able to donate a new toy or two if possible please.
If you are looking for ideas these are the key things we need…

Construction kits
Annuals, Guinness World of Records or Ripley’s Believe it or not books
0-12 month toys
Craft sets, construction sets
Stationery Sets, colouring books
Science kits
Board games
Dress up
Toiletries/accessories for teenagers
Giant gift bags

Each year we are moved by the positive feedback from families and social workers who appreciate these gifts. We would be extremely grateful to receive any donations you may be able to offer to support this community project.

Bless you all,


Major Ralph Walker  
Commanding Officer of Luton Salvation Army
Luton Salvation Army
1 Vicarage Street
Direct Line: 01582 320485

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