Speaker about the impact of abuse, its links with PTSD and how it impacts many people

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Our speaker at the March leaders gathering spoke about the impact of abuse on children, its link with PTSD, and how it impacts many including people in the church. However recovery is possible and resources to aid the recovery are available to us.

Those present felt that this information needs to be made more widely available. Robert, our speaker, is willing and available to serve us in the following ways.

  • He can present his material in other leadership gatherings. At the meeting the Church of England deanery and Street Pastors were mentioned but there are plenty of other possibilities.
  • He is open to be invited to preach on a Sunday to help congregations be more aware. He is also willing to give his testimony in any context explaining what the Lord has done to restore him from child abuse.
  • The resources he has created can be offered to congregations, in particular the book “Breaking the Silence” can be put on church bookshelves and people made aware of it. It is helpful for anyone involved in pastoral work as well as those who suffer from childhood trauma.
  • It is hoped that there will be regular groups available across Luton for those who recognise the symptoms of abuse and want to walk free. We shouldn’t underestimate the cost of admitting to being abused and then having the strength to do something about it. Therefore to have a regular opportunity for people to attend will help.
  • If people would like to be trained to be more effective in supporting survivors and even to be able to run recovery groups then Robert is very happy to help.

If Robert can serve you in anyway please contact him on robert.courageous@gmail.com

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