Take part in the Christmas Entertainment Programme at London Luton Airport

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Dear friends

It is already that time of year when we send a provisional invitation to schools and other community choirs and music groups, to take part in our Christmas Entertainment Programme at London Luton Airport

Obviously, we cannot yet predict exactly what we will or will not be able to do by December, especially in light of the continuing ‘discussions’ surrounding amateur singing!

But we feel it is right to start planning, albeit with a range of potential options (see below)

We will adhere to any Government restrictions still in place and will work with our own H&S department to ensure the safety of all performers and members of the public

With the help and dedication of 14 schools and groups we were able to transmit some 7 ½ hours  of pre-recorded music a day, over 12 days leading up to Christmas 2020

We collected a fantastic total of £1,004.37 for Macmillan Cancer Care, which was the airport charity partner 2018 – 2020

Option 1

Assume that everything is back to normal and plan for groups and choirs to perform on site as in previous years

Suggested dates – Monday, 29th November –  Saturday, 18th December

We will try to organise transport and/or parking as in previous years

Option 2

A mixture

Some groups and choirs to perform on site but if you prefer, some to produce recordings that we can transmit, as last year

Suggested dates as in Option 1

Recommend those who opt to be on site take the earlier dates (first week or so) and pre-recordings to be used in the last week (when parking etc traditionally becomes more difficult)

Again, we will try to organise transport and/or parking

Option 3

All pre-recorded

Suggested dates Monday 13th – Thursday 23rd December

We may still have to adapt these plans at the last minute, but wanted to give you ample time to prepare and choose which option you would prefer


If you could please let me know asap (on 07710 932198 or liz.hughes@ltn.aero) whether you are able to consider being involved this year, and your preferred option, I would be extremely grateful

If you hope to choose Options 1 or 2 and have a specific date in mind, please let me know and I will pencil that in accordingly


The Airport’s Charity Partners are now Luton Foodbank and East Anglian Air Ambulance (EAAA)

If we have groups on site to perform, we will be able to calculate the donations taken during each performance and be able to offer a percentage to you to offset costs, or put towards another charity of your choosing

If we are transmitting pre-recorded content, unfortunately it will not be possible calculate donations received during your group’s performances

All other donations will be split equally between the Foodbank and EAAA

Liz Hughes (The Revd Canon)
Senior Chaplain
London Luton Airport
Percival House

134 Percival Way




M +44 (0) 7710 932198

T  +44 (0)1582 395 516
E liz.hughes@ltn.aero
W london-luton.co.uk

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