There is still time to complete the Census – paper by 30/4 online by 4/5

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-Paper questionnaires can be requested by the 30th April- they can be completed and returned in May.
-The deadline for onlilne completions is the 4th May.
If you have not already done so, although Census weekend has passed, the key message is, ‘ There is still time to complete the Census’.
People are still able to complete the Census either online, or they can request a paper questionnaire., throughout April and even into May.
They can ask a family member, friend etc to help them complete it as well.
We will have House Officers knocking on people’s doors to support and help anyone complete the census from this week onwards, working in line with Covid regulations from outside the house.
I attach some information documents and details below, which will hopefully be beneficial for you and team and for some of the people you support.
We have a contact support center helpline tel- 0800 141 2021
We are also using the ESOL college in the Dunstable road as a support drop in centre over the Census weekend, to help people, it will also be open weekdays from 10.30am to 5pm all April.
We also have our language support services available, with over 30 languages and translations:-
We have a language helpline, where interpreters will be available, appointments can also be booked in the case of an interpreter not being available at the time of the call.
The language helpline number is- 0800 587 2021
To request a paper questionnaire please call- 0800 876 6276-This will take up to 5 days.
Please see the resource link:-
I attach an FAQ document and  an easy to read information leaflet,which will be of help for anyone completing the census.
I hope you and the team find this helpful and do please pass on any details and documents to anyone who may need support.
Please do let me know if you have any questions or require any further information or support for anyone at all?
We appreciate your help and I hope you have a lovely Easter.
Kind regards
Census Engagement Manager-Luton | Office for National Statistics |


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