Thy Kingdom Come and Upper Room prayer

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United under this umbrella and taking place in the run up to Pentecost (21st – 31st May 2020), you are invited to create space for prayer, in whatever way works for you.
How can you be praying for His kingdom to come during this time?
There is a prayer journal and a few short videos attached.
Click here for 5 ways of praying during THY KINGDOM COME

now has an app!

The award-winning app is full of the daily videos, Bible readings, reflections, podcasts from Professor NT Wright and a special section for your ‘Pray for 5’. 

Download the Apple version here and the Android version here.

The Digital Family Prayer Adventure Map and App is also available to download. Find out more here.

If your church is considering doing continuous prayer over 24 hours, why not sign up to the #ThyKingdomCome Upper Room, by 24-7 Prayer?
Inspired by the Upper Room in Acts 1 & 2, this 24/7 virtual prayer room is a great tool for churches to easily involved.
Find out how to run a 24/7 prayer room virtually
Click here sign up to pray in the UPPER ROOM

See attachments for TKC leaflet and prayer journal along with many prayers


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