We totally condemn ‘Punish a Muslim Day’ April 3rd – Response from CTL and Area Deans

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27 March 2018
Dear friends
Churches in Luton Response to “Punish a Muslim Day”
As the Churches Together in Luton Exec we discussed this last week how we might respond to the call by some for April 3rd to be “Punish a Muslim Day.” We have now sent a letter expressing our commitment to stand with our Muslim neighbours, colleagues and friends. (attached)
Some background: You may heard that a person or people unknown recently thought it cool to designate Tuesday 3rd April as Punish a Muslim Day. A number of letters have been received in other parts of the country, but it is widespread on social media and the news of it has caused great concern in the Muslim community nationally. The hatred and bigotry expressed has been condemned widely, including in parliament. Senior church leaders locally, including the Bishops of St Albans and Northampton, and district moderator of the United Reform Church and chair of the district Methodist Church have written letters of support to the Muslim community.
We felt it important that we do more than write so we were represented at a meeting involving police and council last week, and we are doing all we can to offer practical support. We, and our Muslim friends, are torn between not drawing attention to the threats, and thus giving further encouragement to expression of hatred, and public condemnation of that hatred and demonstrations of solidarity.
We have agreed that we will simply ask you to read out this statement at your Easter Sunday services:
In a horrible act of hatred and bigotry there have been attempts to declare Tuesday 3rd April as Punish a Muslim Day. As a church in Luton we condemn that and are committed to doing all we can to oppose it.
Today, Easter Sunday, is the high point of the Christian calendar and season in which we celebrate what we hold as the costly and sacrificial love of God extended to the world in Jesus Christ, and the victory of that love over death itself. That love calls us to oppose such hatred and all that divides. As the church in Luton we want to encourage you to reach out in practical acts of kindness to all your neighbours, colleagues and friends this Tuesday, and especially to Muslims you meet.
In fact lets challenge the hatred and do our part to build mutual respect and friendship in our town by doing that every day!

CTL Executive

Area Deans

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