Training to help support women with unexpected pregnancy, abortion and baby loss.

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There is interest in setting up a support group in Luton for women who have unexpected pregnancy, abortions and baby loss. There is a training course being run in the Autumn in Bedford. Several Luton people are already planning to go. If you are interested you can sign in directly, or for more information contact

 The Grove will be running a course this Autumn that aims to explore the basic counselling skills and information areas needed to help those with problems relating to unexpected pregnancy, abortion and baby loss from within a Christian framework.

This course provides the foundation for anyone who has a heart to support women, men and families affected by these affected.

The Course starts on 13 September 2018, lasts for 14 sessions and will take place mainly on Thursday afternoons with a one all day Saturday session based at All Nations Church.

If you would like to know more, please contact Karry Hallsworth, Grove Centre

Manager either by email or by phone on 07879 641761

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