“Transforming your Conversations” course with Ulrike from The Feast

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The Feast will be running a course called “Transforming your Conversations” in January – February 2021.
We will be looking at our guidelines for dialogue which enable us to have constructive discussions with people we disagree with. We will be looking specifically at:
– Listening to what others have to say – really listening!
– Not forcing people to agree with your views – and how often we do this without realising
– Speaking positively of your view, rather than negatively about someone else’s
– Not judging people by what people of their group say and do elsewhere
– Respecting other people even if you disagree vehemently with them
It will probably be on zoom, depending on what Tier we are in. Though we will see.
Places are limited so it will be a first come, first served thing.
People will need to sign up to take part  email ulrike@thefeast.org.uk


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