12 Days of Christmas Food bank appeal

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Dear all,

I trust you are well and surviving the challenges of this difficult season.

I’m writing on behalf of Luton Foodbank to ask if you would be able to join in our appeal for food over the Christmas season.  Instead of an appeal running up to Christmas we want this year to ask you to collect during the 12 Days of Christmas, traditionally the period from Christmas Day  to Epiphany (6 January).   That will help us spread our food collection out over the period, with food coming in stock our shelves (temporarily that is) during January.

As you can imagine its been a very difficult year for the foodbank.  We have had more demand on us than ever – though to be honest less than we at times expected due to all sorts of groups getting involved in feeding the hungry. The wonderful generosity of Luton people, whether through the churches, the mosques, other faith groups and a host of other groups, has meant we have had more food than ever coming in. But as fast as it comes in it goes  out.  Its meant incredibly hard work for our volunteers and especially our staff.  (Can I ask you to pray for them over this season.)   As we planned our appeals over this season our especially hard working warehouse team were concerned at the logistics, and we were keen to spread the load.  So my suggestion was that as churches we take on the after Christmas slot.  And that meant only one thing, The 12 Days of Christmas!

To help you get the word out we even have a special version of the song, put together by the oh so talented Cowling family who worship at St Marys.   You can find it on Facebook at


In this season of church on line why not play it as part of the Sunday online offering?  Yes, we know it only goes up to seven days, but we didnt want the song to go longer than the sermon!

On the video there are details of food we especially need, and also when to bring it to the warehouse. And if people prefer to give money we appreciate that – as the video makes clear. What could be more simple?

Please accept again my thanks for all your support over the past year.

Have a especially blessed Advent season, and a very happy and festive 12 Days of Christmas!

Best wishes,



Peter Adams

Vice chair, Luton Foodbank

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