AGM 14th May with updates on the work of our Truth and Reconciliation racial commission.

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This year will be our first live AGM since 2019 and will be held in the Church Hall at St Luke’s. Leagrave High Street at 10am on Saturday 14th May. It is not expected to go on past 12.00pm.

Last year’s ZOOM AGM was poorly attended so it would be good to see many of you again, and meet some of our newer members. Please come along and enjoy drinks, biscuits and conversations with old friends and new from 9.30am before the 10.00am meeting

18 months ago we started discussions on the problems of racial inequalities and a mixed race/denomination commission was set up to consider what could be done practically to work in unity with one another. Many activities have been undertaken by our ministers and individuals, we would love you to come along and listen to an update.

There will be a short business session to review activities and finances, and to appoint committee members. All existing members are willing to stand again. If anyone else would like to join the executive, please let me know beforehand and there may be a vote. If so, only members will be allowed to vote although others are welcome to attend.

We will end with an open session for you to tell us what your churches and local groups have been doing, and for any other questions.

I have added the annual review and finance information to this post.

We look forward to seeing you there.


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