Encouragement to have the Covid Vaccination from the council

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Dear all,

We really need your help and in particular over the next 10 days.

In Luton all partners are working together to try to increase the uptake of the COVID-19 vaccine, our numbers of those vaccinated in Luton are worryingly low and that means that it places our community and those vulnerable residents at severe risk, we are starting to see numbers of those admitted into hospital on the rise and we all need to try to do what we can so that they do not increase further.

Also please see attached the press release that I sent out yesterday talking about plans to increase the uptake over the next two weeks and hopefully these initiatives will have a positive impact, but we are all in a position to help and I would ask that you take every opportunity to make people aware of just how vital the vaccination programme is.

Talking to friends, neighbours and your networks, using social media will help spread the word, and this is so important, If every one of our Covid Champions could persuade just one other person to get the jab that would make a huge difference, so please play your part in making Luton safer for everyone.

We have produced a flyer which provides details of all the venues and times where vaccinations are available. I have attached a PDF version and a JPG version to make it easier to share.

Thank you as always for your help and support.


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