Thy Kingdom Come 26th May – 5th June

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Date(s) - 26/05/2022 - 05/06/2022
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THY KINGDOM COME is happening again this year, in the 10 days before Pentecost(26th May – 5th June).At the heart of it is:PRAY FOR 5 PEOPLE,for 5 minutes every day– to know the Lordand – to grow in love and faithThere are many many resources which can help us to step up our praying in these 10 days.
Click here for more info on THY KINGDOM COME
Which 5 people will you be praying for? 
What can we pray for them?
The Stronger Network recently put out the following: The bottom line is that God wants to transform you and transform the world through you by using your unique shape, voice, skills, experience, passions, vision, networks, personality, character and more.
They go on to highlight the following 8 priorities to help us grow in the things of God⭐️ Church community: like being a plant in a pot⭐️ Spiritual disciplines: these things help build spiritual muscle⭐️ Holy Spirit: we need the presence and anointing of God otherwise it’s all dry bones⭐️ Peers: to see that you’re not on your own⭐️ Mentor/Coach: to release courage and give you a framework⭐️ Inspiration: to raise faith and help you see God at work⭐️ Training: to give you the skills you need⭐️ Network: to give you a place to incubate what God is doing in you
Shall we, in Luton,  make these a focus of our prayers for the church in the coming season? 
Click here for more info on THE STRONGER NETWORK

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