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In the absence of traditional services, parties and concerts, 24 local families and residents of High Town are creating a live advent calendar through December by putting up varied displays in their front windows. They will collectively tell a story of comfort and joy for this strange COVID season.
A new display will appear every day from the 1st to the 24th of December based on a different section or theme from the Christmas Story. Local residents are then invited to embark on mini-pilgrimages to visit each of the windows. At each display there are some simple reflections or activities to help people think about their own lives and what inspiration the story may bring, especially at this challenging time.
The wider community is also getting involved, and people can look out for displays on the exteriors of St Matthew’s Primary School, and St Matthew’s church.
Anyone who wants to join in the fun can find the map, the reflections, some pictures of the windows so far and peoples’ responses on http://www.facebook.com/htadventwindows
For further info please contact 
Andy Flannagan on 07787 562097  andy.flannagan@gmail.com
Lucie Shuker on 07595 504271 or lucie.shuker@gmail.com

In addition, every weeknight at 21:40, there is a time of prayer for 20 minutes.
Mondays: Sara and Sam Hargreaves
Tuesdays: Rev Andrew Goodman / Gry Apeland
Wednesdays: Jen and Andy Flannagan
Thursdays: Tim Hewitt
Fridays: Lucie Shuker

Here is the Zoom link to join:
Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 707 254 5620
Passcode: Rci1iR

The Windows Advent Calendar was even featured on 3Counties Radio and BBC national news on Thursday!
Praise God for all the good things coming out of Luton

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