Luton Salvation Army Toy appeal for Christmas

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Each year Luton Salvation Army launches its Toy appeal with the sole purpose of providing toys to children who this year will not receive anything at all. We work with Luton Council, Social services and all of the family workers at the schools in Luton. Last year we provided enough toys for 937 children (that is a lot of toys). Can I stress that this is not a top-up of toys they will be receiving already? These toys are ONLY for children who will genuinely receive nothing at all.
Many churches and their parishioners give so generously at church toy services; however, we understand that many churches are not open at present. So, we wondered if ministers could please put something in their church newsletters about this appeal? and let each other know that we also have an Amazon Christmas Toy appeal wishlist. These are toys which have already been matched to children. People can just buy them and they are automatically delivered to Luton Salvation Army. The link is here…

Because of the present Covid restrictions, we have launched this appeal slightly earlier so that we can get the toys to the relevant people and so that they can get them to the families for Christmas.

We do also have two drop off points for toys. They are the Entertainer and the Salvation Army Charity shop, both are in the Mall.


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