Latest Prayer Newsletter from Ulrike 14th June 2022

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How can we pray for Luton in the coming months?
LET’S PRAY FOR AN INCREASED EQUIPPING OF THE CHURCH in order for her to be a continued blessing to Luton in the months to come.
This came out at Pentecost Praise …
Watch PENTECOST PRAISE 2022 here
We had a wonderful time on Pentecost Sunday …It was so good to be together, to celebrate and worship together, to pray together as wider church in Luton.Some of the key points coming out of Rob Parson’s sermon– back stronger, not because of us, but because of our reliance on and trust of God– back stronger because God strengthens us for what he is calling us to do– back stronger, because we can be obedient with the next step (and not have to understand the whole picture)
The Stronger Network recently put out the following: God wants to transform you and transform the world through you by using your unique shape, voice, skills, experience, passions, vision, networks, personality, character and more.
There are 8 areas of life that helps us deepen in our discipleship, enabling us to be a blessing to our town⭐️ Church community: like being a plant in a pot, nurtured and growing⭐️ Spiritual disciplines: helping us build spiritual muscle and giving us tools for growth⭐️ Holy Spirit: we need the presence and anointing of God in order to be a blessing⭐️ Peers: to see that we’re not on our own⭐️ Mentor/Coach: to release courage and give us a framework⭐️ Inspiration: to raise faith and help us see God at work⭐️ Training: to give us the skills we need⭐️ Network: to giveus a place to incubate what God is doing in and through each of us
Shall we, in Luton,  make these a focus of our prayers for the church in the coming season? 
Click here for more info on THE STRONGER NETWORK

Pray with YWAM MozaicFriday Prayer Walks 11:30 – 12:30, Fridays meet at Cemetery Lodge


Pray with LCF every third Monday of the month7pm – 8 pmPraying for God’s people and Luton

Join Zoom Meeting ID: 883 2410 6190Passcode: 103445

Pray with New Covenant Fellowship Time for intercession on Wednesdays 19:30 pm at Kestin House.


Pray with SBC

Pray with the Prayer for Luton teamSunday, 17th July, 7 pm at St Mary’s

We will be simply sitting with the Lord, worshipping, listening, praising.No agenda.You are welcome to join us

Let us know when YOUR group is praying …

Commonwealth Games Burn

Be a part of 336 hours of prayer and worship for the Birmingham Commonwealth Games. Burn 24-7 will be coordinating this throughout the Games in Phase, Birmingham. Why not book a slot and join in?

Book a slot for Burn 24-7 here
ENGAGEWORSHIP has developed a Prayer Resource which you may find helpful. PAUSE/PRAY – a collection of guided audio reflections, full of biblical truth, prayers and original music.

Each episode was written either for daily-life contexts such as work and sleep or as reflections on particular bible passages. For Season Two, Sara has written prayers which involve our physicality – embodying our thoughts and devotion before God (if there is a movement she invites you to take that doesn’t work for you, adapt to whatever you find comfortable).

We have imagined you putting on your headphones and taking a moment to be with God, wherever you find yourself. That might be as you wake up or go to sleep, on your commute to work or school, or during a coffee break or lunch time.

Pause / Pray

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