Latest Prayer Newsletter from Ulrike 18th January 2022

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This week, let’s bless our patches with a hope  … Heavenly Father, we take upon ourselves the mantle of authority that Jesus delegates to his disciples, and in his name we speak to to our patch and say:“We bless you in the mighty name of Jesus.We bless you with hope.A hope that is deeper than what you currently see. A hope that has its roots in a trust in something bigger than yourself. A hope that has its roots in God, the Almighty.We bless you with the hope that comes straight from Jesus, whether or not you recognise him as the source.We bless you with hope, so that in days that feel dark you will not despair, but find the ability to keep working for good.We bless you with hope so that when you get set-backs you will not lose heart but find the strength to keep influencing your sphere with goodness.We bless you with hope so that you will find joy even when things are difficult so that you can continue to be a blessing to others.Amen!”
We want to, once again, create a kind of directory of the different opportunities there are across the town in 2022 where we can gather together to pray for our town.Let us know when your group is praying …
You are so welcome to come and join us at St Mary’s Church, Luton for a half night of worship on Wednesday 26th January, 7 pm – 10 pm. This is a special extended time of worship to draw closer to God, pursue his presence and give time for Holy Spirit to meet us. We are so blessed to have Jean Du Rand and the new YWAM Harpenden worship band lead us, and the Agape Freedom Fighters to lead ministry times. No big agenda, just come as you are, with hearts ready to see God’s kingdom increase in our lives, town, nation and continent.

Ruth & Mike Jones

Abide in our CommunityPray with LCF every third Monday of the monthPraying for God’s people and Luton

Join Zoom Meeting ID: 883 2410 6190Passcode: 103445

Prayer walking in RunfoldJoin a united prayer walk – people from different church communities getting together to pray for Runfold.The next Prayer Walk is planned from 2:30-3:30pm on Sunday 30th JanuaryEmail for more information


Pray with SBCAs well as Rise and Shine (Wednesdays at 8 am on Facebook), SBC also has a Muse at Ten prayer time (daily at 10 pm on Facebook) and a Sunday evening prayer time (6 pm – 7 pm, in person)


We invite you, in 2022, to intentionally PRAYER WALK your street or your area.BLESS what you see that is goodPRAY for whatever God puts on your heartInvite others to join you!Share with us where you are praying … let’s cover every street of Luton with prayer.
We continue to invite you to– WORSHIP.Fill the space with worship from the heart as you lift Jesus and his kingdom up over Luton– BLESSSpeak blessing over Luton and bless the good, Kingdom-flavoured projects and initiatives that you see growing in our town. 

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