Places of Worship Protective Security Scheme 2022 Ends 14th July

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From: Faith Outreach <>

Sent: 24 May 2022 12:29

Subject: Places of Worship Protective Security Scheme 2022 CRM:0647039 


Please find below information regarding the Places of Worship Protective Security scheme which has recently opened, the closing date for applications is 14th July 2022.  Full details of the scheme can be found here: . We would be grateful if you could circulate details of the scheme to your members and networks for whom it may be helpful in funding protective security measures for their place of worship.Applicants need to be registered as a charity if required by law and our team is available to answer any questions about charity registration for any place of worship that requires support to register.  Please note that the timeframe is very tight in terms of any applicant requiring charity registration so unregistered organisations considering applying to the scheme should submit their charity registration application as soon as possible.  Queries regarding the funding scheme itself should be directed to Esotec Ltd as detailed in the information about the scheme.  The Charity Commission cannot answer questions about the scheme only about charity registration.Overview of the schemeThe Places of Worship Protective Security Funding Scheme provides funding for places of worship and associated faith community centres that are vulnerable to hate crime. This scheme is intended to reduce: 

  • the risk of a hate crime happening at a place of worship and associated faith community centre 
  • the impact of hate crime on the place of worship itself (the building) and people attending the place of worship 

Through the scheme, vulnerable places of worship can apply for protective security measures, such as CCTV, secure fencing, and intruder alarms to be installed at their site for free.The scheme is open to all faiths, except the Jewish community. This is because a separate funding scheme is available to provide security measures at certain Jewish faith institutions. This financial year (2022/2023) Mosques and associated faith community centres can also apply for some security guarding services, where they feel security guards will improve the safety of their site and those worshipping there.We hope the above information is of assistanceKind regardsFCOTFaith Charities Outreach TeamW: us on Twitter | @ChtyCommission

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