Peace Garden Initiative A Tree for Every Life

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Peace Garden Initiative
A Tree for Every Life
To plant a tree for every life lost in Luton during the pandemic as result of Covid-19.
• Families to plant a tree as a means of doing something positive in the memory of loved one
• Support families during their bereavement process to help them cope with loss and trauma
• Help make a positive contribution to the environment and cultivate a greener mindset

Over the last 12 months, Luton has been hit hard by the pandemic resulting in 477 deaths to
date with the expectation this figure will continue to increase. Many families and friends could
not say goodbye to their loved one which has made the grieving process even more difficult.
The Peace Garden Initiative is about supporting families in the bereavement process through
helping them plant a tree as a way of doing something good for the environment in the
memory of a loved one. It is also about supporting families cope with the collateral trauma
caused by Covid-19 through doing something positive.
Through working with the local authority tree planting areas will be identified across Luton
wards, parks and at the Vale Cemetery. Families that engage with the initiative will be given
options of tree planting dates during spring to choose from. As well as the initial planting of
trees families will encouraged to be involved in the after-care plan helping to care and
maintain the growth of the tree throughout the year and beyond. This project will also be a way
of helping families connect with others that are grieving and help create a support network.
The initiative will have wider environmental benefits such as greening up Luton by either
planting orchard fruit trees or trees like Lime or Beech trees which are adaptable to Luton soil.
As the county of Bedfordshire has lost an alarmingly huge number of insects and butterfly,
helping the environment will add to the fauna and flora cause.
• Support the mental and emotional wellbeing of grieving families
• Promoting shared culture and cohesion through joint activity
• People engaging in community development and taking ownership of local
• Improve health and wellbeing by getting people active in caring for green space
• Improve local landscape and build in green infrastructure
• Developing awareness and responsibility about local ecology
Supported by:
Luton Council of Faiths, Luton Councils of Mosques. Discover Islam, Grassroots, Community
Interest Luton, Sunni Council of Mosques and iCare.

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