Renewed call to persevere in prayer

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To all CTE Presidents, all CTE Member Churches, all members of CTE’s Enabling Group, all County and National Ecumenical Officers/contact people and CTE staff

National Ecumenical Officers of CTE Member Churches and other representatives of Churches in Britain and Ireland have been meeting regularly to monitor the Covid-19 situation.

This morning’s meeting welcomed the new call of the Baptist Union of Great Britain to sustained prayer for the NHS.  This is on their website front page:

We were very aware that all our Churches will have been praying for those who work in the NHS throughout this situation, and many have been providing resources for churches and individuals to do so. We are also aware of various different calls to prayer and of days of prayer which are being organised by different groups.

However, there was a feeling this morning that this is a key period in which we are being called to pray in a sustained way. We are therefore commending to your attention the suggestion of the BUGB that we focus our prayer on five key areas:

  • Pray for all the NHS staff for their own safety, energy and peace in dealing with each and every patient.
  • Pray for those in hospital leadership, for wisdom and for good decisions to give the best outcomes for patients.
  • Pray for patients; for healing, for peace and ultimately to fight this disease and get home and pray for their relatives who feel helpless.
  • Pray for the vaccine, that it will and is working against this latest strain of Covid-19.
  • Pray for a reprieve and an end to Covid-19.

We very much feel that this is a call, not only to Baptists and to Baptist churches, but to the whole family of Christians in this country – and indeed, it is of relevance to those of other faiths.

The Baptist Union of Great Britain asks for your help in promoting this call to prayer through your denominational channels. Please do feel free to circulate the text as widely as you can,

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