URGENT land required for temporary cold weather accommodation by NOAH – Please help by the end of this week if you can

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NOAH have obtained funding to develop emergency winter provision for people rough sleeping this coming winter.

We have provisionally procured on standby 6x junior deluxe bunker cabins from bunkabin.

Junior Deluxe Sleeper – Portable Accommodation from Bunkabin

They each come with a private dignified single bed, toilet and shower and are 2.9m x 3.3m square which is a bit bigger than a car parking space.

Unfortunately all of our initial hopes to find a site to locate them have fallen through.

We are therefore in the difficult point of wanting to launch this project whilst struggling to place them.

The ideal venue would be within ½ mile from Luton Town Centre.

The size required is about 8 car parking spaces. They need to be connected to utilities including water and electricity which NOAH will pay for.

In order to keep everyone using them safe and the local community from any risk of ASB – we will provide 7pm-7am on site security staffing who make sure they are occupied by the intended residents.

The cabins will be used during icy cold conditions only which is expected to be around 60nights between 1st Dec and 31st March. The service funding ends and the cabins will be removed on this date.

NOAH are responsible for the occupants wellbeing and for working closely to try and find a more sustainable accommodation outcome away from homelessness.

If you think you can provide a piece of land, tarmac or grass which can help us operate this service please let me know as soon as you can by the end of this week?

Surfaces do not have to be flat as the cabins have adjustable legs and are often used to accommodate workers for festivals and building sites in fields.

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Paul Prosser

Head of Welfare Services

Phone: 01582 728416 Mobile: 07766835049






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