Letter from the Luton Christian Book Centre.

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Tel 01582 723710
Reg. Charity No 283511

Luton Christian Book Shop
Kestin House
45 Crescent Road

7 th May 2024

Dear Friend

This has been a difficult year for Luton Christian Bookshop and we value your continued support. In December last year we were holding a closing down sale. We were encouraged by many customers who were sorry we were closing and we have since been able to reconsider how we may be able to continue trading. We now have dedicated volunteer staff which means we have no payroll costs and no employment tax to pay.

We thought this would be sufficient to balance the books but sales have fallen and we still have a monthly deficit. Stock levels fell during the closing down sale and they have not recovered sufficiently for us to offer the full range of cards, gifts and Bibles. It is understandable that there is less choice, however, we are working on this prioritizing our stock of Bibles. We have been pleased to gain orders for Bibles from schools and Churches. We also have a fresh stock of new titles every 3 months from the TAKE NOTE sale or return scheme. If sales begin to rise we will soon reach the break-even point.

There are still some who think that the bookshop has closed and we would value your help in passing the message on that we are open and looking forward to welcoming more customers.

Thank you again for your support.
Yours in Christ
John, David, Avril, Carol, Peter, Robin, Gordon, Gill
And our new volunteers – Michael, Thelma and Barbara