Are you looking for a lodger? Doctor seeking room while at university

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We have received the following request and wonder if there is someone in your congregation who might be able to help.

Please reply directly to Aaron here if you can help or want more information. Thank you.

Hello, I’m Aaron from India (brethren) . I am a medical doctor here and I wanted to pursue MBA in health services management from Bedfordshire University. I will be joining this university on 27th of May, 2024.

I have tried finding accommodation online but unfortunately all the places I’ve checked are unavailable. The usual intake for candidates is February and September, maybe that’s the reason nothing is available at this point of time.
I wanted to request the church if they could help me out in any way with accommodation. I am happy to pay rent and be of service to whoever hosts me and I’ll be extremely grateful.
Please let me know if any arrangement is possible.
Thank you.