Luton Street Pastors need more help urgently

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Please included the following appeal in your newsletters – don’t let Luton Street Pastors die.
Luton Street Pastors are earnestly seeking your help.
it will be 15 years this year since we launched Street Pastors in Luton, we started with just under 60 volunteers going out every Friday and Saturday night to help keep the streets of Luton safe. Did you know that in Whitstable the police found a consistent 75% reduction in crime only when street pastors were out? or that in Jamaica in Spanish Town (one of the highest places for murders) showed a 0 murder rate when street pastors were out.
now 15 years later we are down to just 6 street pastors, only managing to get out one Friday night 8pm until midnight and one Saturday after noon 4pm until 7pm once a month and only that if there is no sickness or other problem.
we desperately need your help to recruit and would ask if you would please consider giving us some time in your services to speak about street pastors. Did you know that on our streets in Luton at least 3 people have given their lives to Christ, at least 2 people have not committed suicide, at least 2 people have not died from hypothermia and at least 3 young ladies have not been raped (their words not ours) all due to Street Pastors being out on the streets in our town center.
Please help us to continue to make a difference on the street of Luton
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God bless you
On behalf of Luton Street Pastors